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Working hours

Arasan Eye Hospital works from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 till 19:00 with 2 hours lunch break from 14:00 till 16:00

The administration works from 9:00 till 18:00. Trainees are expected to be punctual during working hours especially for Operating Theatre sessions and meetings.

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Dress code

Arasan Eye Hospital respects its values and culture thus expects from trainees to be respectful towards cultural norms

Women: It is recommended to wear saree or patiyala. International trainees are recommended to wear comfortable long dresses or long skirts with loose tops. Sleeveless tops, jeans, t-shirts, tight leggings, short skirts are not allowed.
Men: Usually wearing trousers with button-down shirts is a norm. It is recommended to avoid wearing T-shirts, shorts and jeans within hospital premises.
Shoes: Summer shoes would be comfortable.

It is recommended to wear a white coat within hospital premises during clinical working hours.

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Banks and ATM’s in Erode

Many national banks function in Erode town and there are many ATM’s to withdraw cash if necessary. ATM’s and banks accept international cards such as Visa, Master and American Express. Maximum amount of money to withdraw per day is usually 30.000 Rs (apr. 500$).

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Money exchange

It is possible to exchange money in money exchange units in banks. It is recommended to have your money in US dollars. The administration can assist if you need any help in exchanging your money.

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Money transfers

International money transfer services such as Western Union, Money Gram and Express Money are available in Erode.

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Certificates are given at the last day of the training program. Thus it is advised to attend the program until the end. In case of short stay or emergency leave inform the program manager.

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Working culture at Arasan Eye Hospital is built upon mutual respect and understanding of the personnel. We respect every single staff working at Arasan Eye Hospital and request our trainees to be respectful towards our personnel in every stage of patient care and training.

Trainees are recommended to inform the program manager if they intent to go somewhere by their own.

We value our patients’ privacy and we request our trainees to follow the best discipline and ethical norms in all stages of the patient care process.