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Frequently asked questions

I'm not a beginner; I have done good number of cases (around 100 during my training)? So, can you assess my skills & if suitable for you I want to have 2-3 weeks only hands-on training? 
Do you record cases for review?
Will I have a supervisor to guide me once I'm in trouble?
What type of machine you are using over there? Do you have Infinity or Stellaris? 
I'm planning to go to any course within the coming 4-6 weeks? Is that fine with you? Or do you have a waiting list?
Should I be registered in any immigration services upon arrival?
What should I bring with me? 
What about accommodation? How far from the center? How much it cost? How clean it is? 
Will a certificate be provided at the end of the course? 
Where is your best training branch? How many cases I will be able to do per day? 
Regarding MCI temporary registration application, along with the MCI application form, what are all the documents should I submit?
Should I apply directly to MCI or the hospital will apply on behalf of me? 
How many days it will take for MCI approval? 
Tell me more about the city? Location? Any website that can help me to have a good time during my off time?