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Cataract formation is a natural part of the eye's aging process.

Cataract surgery is a common procedure. Most people regain the vision they had earlier with the help of microsurgery. The procedure has a 98% success rate. As one of the leading eye care providers in Erode, we perform about 400 cataract surgeries per month. Our state-of-the-art facilities include high-end phacoemulsification systems to facilitate micro incisions under topical anaesthesia eliminating sutures. We have specialty microscopes that can handle intraoperative issues. Our surgical instruments minimize postoperative refractive errors.

We also have a variety of Specialized Instruments to help us in providing high-end ocular services, including

  • Zeiss Yag II laser to treat posterior capsular opacification occurring after surgery.
  • Zeiss IOL master to accurately calculate intraocular lens power in normal diseased eyes.
  • Specular microscopes and pachymetry to determine appropriate surgical options.