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Arasan Eye Hospital is a unique concept. It was conceptualised and established by Dr. VP Selvam. The facility can be best described as a “privatized public sector" organization. All patients, regardless of their socio economic background, receive the same specialised eye care. Our trained professionals provide the same high quality eye care without bias, through our state-of-the art ophthalmic infrastructure.

The Arasan Eye Care System started off with the main hospital at Erode. in 2010 a satellite hospital was started in Karur. The Karur facility - a satellite hospital and cataract surgery centre, initially started as an outpatient clinic, has evolved into a full-service branch in 2010. Patients requiring speciality treatment are referred to the main hospital. The Karur branch also conducts community eye screening outreach camps in Karur and surrounding areas.

Patient safety and well being are our top priority. We take meticulous care in complying with all applicable regulations.

Our goal is:

  • To proivde holistic ophthalmic care that meets international standards.
  • To optimize utilization of infrastructural facilities and manpower.
  • To ensure patient satisfaction through delivery of world-class medical care in a humane manner.
  • To secure high levels of staff satisfaction and motivation through continuing education and training Initiatives.

Special Precautions

  • Air sampling and culture plates to ensure sterility in the operation theatres.
  • Close monitoring of sterilized items used in the operation theatre.
  • Maintaining the quality of water used for consumption by the hospital.
  • Clinical audit of patient records.
  • Close monitoring and reporting of cases of hospital infection and other incidents.